2016 Ford Expedition Redesign

2016 Ford Expedition is one of the most anticipated SUV which is expected to take the market by storm. According to company reports, there would be both improvements in design and advance in the art. Expedition has been in the market for a long time, the first model in 1997 was published in the third generation of production, which started in 2007. It can be used as the size midway between Ford Explorer and Ford Excursion can be defined at the moment. Exterior platform built and has heavy resemblance to Ford F-150 pick-up truck. Ford Expedition is very popular in North America and in many parts of Asia, but its sales were fairly stagnant in recent years, therefore, a lot of changes and modifications are necessary in order to increase customer base. It is expected that they make great impact of the full-size SUV market.


2016 Ford Expedition - exterior and interior design

Like most full-size SUVs have 2016 Ford Expedition to a box-like appearance, but nor is it a modern interior, as have all his predecessors. The three-section horizontal grid would remain with the company logo in the middle. 2016 Audi S4 Release date and price It would be larger in size and be more stable, in terms of aerodynamics. Square LED headlights and high-performance fog lamps provide appropriate driving conditions in very difficult situations. It will be chrome roof rails on the roof. A highly appreciated addition that would be electronically controlled rear doors. Large wheelbase accompanied by 18 inches alloy and aluminum wheels ensures a smooth ride. Body Lines would be a bit to be changed to support better aerodynamics. Further details regarding exterior design will be released shortly. Interior design of the 2016 Ford Expedition would be less glamorous and more comfortable. It would be much use of vivid colors; it would have a simple but elegant touch. On department of technology, it would be quite advanced with all modern appliances and equipment you could wish for. Keep space for up to eight passengers and the cabin space is large enough to hold sufficient luggage even after all passengers were seated. Dashboard would be fairly smooth with a LCD display shows all driver-related information. Other accessories would multi-zone climate control, navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, power windows, etc. 2016 edition of the expedition would also be highly score on security department include.

2016 Ford Expedition - Engine and Performance

Ford Expedition is traditionally a high-performance vehicle and 2016 Edition is to see otherwise. 2016 BMW M6 Release date and price 2016 Ford Expedition would be equipped with a 3.5 L V6 engine with 24-valve system. It will produce up to 365 horsepower and nearly £ 420 / ft of torque. This engine would be mated to a six-speed transmission system.

2016 Ford Expedition - price and release date

For the rear-wheel drive model 2016 Ford Expedition is rated at 16/22 mpg in city / highway. For the four-wheel drive model, it would be 15/20 mpg in city / highway. There is not yet any confirmation about the price, but base price is expected to be around $ 43,000.

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