Specifications and Price BMW 640

Prices and Specifications BMW 640
BMW 640. It is a modern car and has advanced features so suitable for the Indonesian people with this type. BMW BMW 640 is a product of the third model of the type to 6.

Specifications and Price BMW 640

BMW 640 has a design with four doors on each side and is the first car that uses a 4-door, so that when the launch has been a lot of that interest.

Interior BMW 640, which has a seat as much as 4 + 1 with legroom in the rear is more spacious and comfortable. At the rear seat folded bias so as to carry more goods.

On the BMW 640 engine using 6/4 TwinTurbo intercooled inline engine to sustain the performance of works plus 1,979 ccm cylinder can generate a maximum power of 58 000 to 6000 KW with 450 Nm torque. With modern interiors and super-sophisticated, this car will spoil and make you comfortable when inside. BMW 640 is also equipped with a navigation system measuring 10.2.

Price BMW 640

BMW 640 USD. 1.5 billion

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