2016 Ford Expedition EL Specs, Price

2016 Ford Expedition EL will definitely be one of the top SUV, after it is put on the market. This is because it is expected that these vehicles can be equipped with a variety of characteristics of the prior art. These properties give the vehicle enough power for this car will be used primarily in off-road terrain. In addition, the vehicle is expected to have an elegant look and also fun to drive.


2016 Ford Expedition EL - exterior and interior design

2016 Ford Expedition EL is to describe the design of a strong and aggressive power. The vehicle front suspension short and long sleeves. There will also be four-wheel independent suspension, which will be very helpful, especially when driving on uneven terrain. This vehicle with a powerful LED lights and fog lights clearly visible. It will also be equipped with rear lights were larger compared with those of the old model. This SUV also variable intermittent rain sensing wipers and rear defoggers. For the purpose of this vehicle data protection is also a privacy glass. It will also be equipped with large wheels, which is ideal for off-road and skid plate. Grill and bumper of vehicles too big for him into another masculine appearance. The vehicle dimensions are; 78.8 inches wide, 77.2 inches high, 206 inches long, 2016 Honda Crosstour Release date and price the ground clearance of 8 inches and a wheelbase of 119 inches. Inside the 2016 Ford Expedition EL, there are some features that are intended to be improving comfort while driving. These features include three-zone climate control to control the temperature inside the vehicle. This vehicle also leather steering wheel and dual rear view mirror lighting. The dashboard of the vehicle has a modern design with a large color touch screen mounted in the center of the dashboard. This window is used to control most functions of the vehicle, and also in order to make the driver if any abnormality in the vehicle with caution. All 8 a 2016 Ford Expedition EL is covered with leather and have headrests. These seats including the driver's seat with eight-way power drive technology. All seats will also be adjustable in height and the driver's seat will be using multi-level heating system. For entertainment purposes, the vehicle must have a premium brand stereo Sony with twelve speakers. There are also a variety of connectivity options such as USB and Bluetooth connection, will use the driver on the speakerphone.

2016 Ford Expedition EL - Engines and Performance

2016 Ford Expedition EL will be powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine, which is the possibility of horsepower and torque of 365 foot £ 420 generates electricity. This engine is a six-speed automatic and a switchable fuel economy of 15 mpg in the city and 20 mpg on the highway. 2016 Honda Accord Coupe Release date and Price This machine is enough power to comfortably navigate these vehicles in a variety of off-road terrain. The machine will also have the opportunity to move 5 seconds from zero to 60 mph in eight points.

2016 Ford Expedition EL - price and release date

2016 Ford Expedition EL is expected to be released in the last quarter of 2015, because most of the functions have been tested and confirmed to be effective. Starting price of the vehicle is expected to be approximately $ 48, 000

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