Luxury Audi products, Specifications and Price New Audi A8

Audi A8. Has a luxurious and comfortable ride for the ride was not a dream. Maybe this time the Audi A8 is a priority worthy of your choice. Audi is using design and technology will lavish and featured pinned on this car, luxury car is also located on the interior design as well as security technology will for cars that qualified. Audi A8 is a German output, deserves to be owned as a classy luxurious ride.

Specification Audi A8

Not audi if you do not have a topnotch quality and elegant design. Audi A8 uses a space frame technology that has a lighter weight in comparison with the luxury sedan in its class. Lightening the weight of this time did not shrink audi spur power and ferocity of this car. Audi A3 2016 Release date Parts of the front grille of the car adds to the impression given in the gahar this car. The most luxurious and is on the rear exterior that looks perfect.

Interior Audi A8 more perfect with attention to detail cabin that was in the car with as much detail as. By using genuine leather that has a special quality. With a cast like the Audi A8's cabin increasingly felt special and very comfortable for the ride. Dashboar wood panels in the car also featured a firm and elegant impression. At the wheel, there is a circular button that makes it easy for the driver to access the various menu while driving. Audi A8 more comfortable with various fittings such as the sunroof, navigation using satellites, and other features that are very typical of luxury cars.

This car has a capacity of 300 cc with A8L 3.0 TFSI with six-cylinder quatro. By using such machines, this car has a power of up to 213 kw at 4850 points to 6500 rpm. Moreover capable of producing torque of 420 nm when the 2500-4850 rpm. So that the car is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km per hour with 6.2 seconds while the maximum speed is 250 km per hour.

Safety Features
As one of the pioneers of luxury cars, audi also pay attention to the details of security and comfort for its users. Including the Audi A8. This luxury car comfort and safety in the design of the well by the manufacturer. Audi protect the users of these cars with a pin in the brake technology that activates automatically if there is a car in front of the car audi. So the car will stop suddenly.

The price of the latest Audi A8

By using this system the car can be reduced speed up to 40 km per hour before an accident occurs. With a wide range of features, ride comfort and security that is provided by this car.

Audi A8 Rp. 1.19 milliard

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