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Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Bunny Cake

Here comes Peter Cottontail!
Please understand that this cake was made with 8 other little helping hands.  It was also made so that 4 other little mouths would eat it.  Ideally, it would be covered with coconut so that the bunny would appear furry. It would also be surrounded by food colored green coconut with jelly beans in it to appear as grass and eggs around him.  But, with my little picky eaters, no coconut, please.  He would also have three whiskers on each side.  But those little mouths have to snack a little along the way, you know.  

First, you use two round cake pans for one box of cake mix.  I used confetti cake mix for mine.  I also mixed up some of my homemade birthday cake icing you can find the recipe for here

 One round cake will be the face, the other one will be ears and a bow tie.  At the middle of each side of the cake measure about 1-1 1/2 inches.  Then, cut at an angle to the shape of the ears.  The middle should end up in the shape of the bow tie.

 Use the icing of your choice.  Then decorate as desired.  I described above how you could decorate for better appearance.  For the kids, this is how ours turned out.  We used pink sprinkles for his ears and outlined with chocolate chips.  We used Hershey's kisses for the eyes, jelly beans and sprinkles on the bow tie, jelly bean for the nose and Twizzlers for the mouth and whiskers.
Have a great Easter weekend!

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